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Goulaine, France



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the sea, the rivers

show in Dupnitsa

Mont St Michel, France

At the beginning... Since very long time I wanted to try, and I jumped in water thanks to the wonderful artist Annick GUERIN-FOLLEN, who lives in Pontorson, near the Mont  Saint Michel bay.

The "wet on wet" technique is difficult and quite often unrewarding... but it allows the creation of hues, the making of reality like washings which can render the most fleeting impressions from lights and colours...

1st training in june 2005


roche torin bec andaine pontorson

next training, july 2006 ...

Pas Geraut jul06

Roche Torin jul06

Grouin du Sud jul06


And... july 2008, exhibition in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria !


e-mail : michel@michel-bertoux.eu


If you like painting and all graphic arts, have a look there : http://www.ateliermagique.com/ I like the site very much !